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 LANSING-Davenport University’s relocation to downtown Lansing will be better equipped for more students and better located for easier accessibility.

The new facility, which is located at the corner of Grand Avenue and Allegan Street, will be nine stories and will have the capacity to enroll 2,000 students. The current facility has about 800 students enrolled.

Renee Freeman, a graduate of Davenport University, said the current location lacks essential resources that she wished she had as a student.

“When I was going to Davenport, I wanted to have a separate study area and that was not available at the current site,” Freeman said. “But the new location will feature areas to study and extra tutoring. The classrooms will be more high tech and feature more than they do at the current location.”

Rick Jensen, the communications manager at Davenport University, said the new classrooms will feature interactive writing walls, media walls and no fixed front walls in classrooms for enhanced learning and more classroom space.

Davenport University’s new location will also be more accessible and convenient for students who are already attending or who are looking to transfer.

“They are going to be more closer to the downtown area, so Davenport will be a throne to the city of Lansing,” Freeman said. “The current facility is off the beaten path, so this new location will be right in the heart of the city.”

Danielle DeLonge, the Executive Campus Director at Davenport University in Lansing, said they decided to stay in the downtown area because it would best serve the students and the community. It will also make it easier for Lansing Community College students to come to them because they will be closer and more visible.

Davenport serves non traditional students in Lansing and mainly adults who’s average age is between 25 and 39, which makes this location a big benefit to transfer students from Lansing Community College.

“We say, ‘if you take credits somewhere, then we accept them here’ and we have more articulation agreements with Lansing Community College than we do any other community college in the state of Michigan,” DeLonge said. “There are over 25 programs that line right up.”

People working in the businesses downtown will be able to take classes and have them be close to work which will make it more convenient for all students looking to attend the college.

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