Are students as informed as older voters?

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By Alyssa Kobylarek
MI First Election staff writer

Voting in their first presidential election, college students are divided on whether their generation is as informed as older voters.

Michigan State University junior Ali Jump says older adults know more about what is going on with the election than students do.

“Our parents are definitely more informed,” Jump said. “They know more about what is going on and are more affected by the election because they have full-time jobs and pay taxes.”

However, some students say their generation is better informed. Michigan State student Amanda Orban said, “I feel like people our age are much more informed,” Orban said. “In our generation we are encouraged to think for ourselves and express our own opinions. As for our parents, they still believe the ideals passed down from their parents.”

Jillian Knapp, another Michigan State student, disagrees and says her generation is more open about whom to vote for.

“Students my age are more persuaded by the popular vote and who is doing well,” Knapp said. “Parents seem to go by their own set opinion that they have formed over the years, but some students are influenced by their peers.”

Orban said, “A lot of our parents vote political party instead of by the new policies the candidates want to put into place. People our age want to create a better world for ourselves and look at how things will affect them in the long run, and as or generation is much more open about political issues, many do not vote based purely on party.”

Students agree that older adults are more informed because they have more experience and because of that, they know more about whom to vote for.

Jump said that people who voted in the last election know more about the process and whether candidates kept their promises and have more experience as working adults. She says that their generation is much more informed about what is going on and how to vote now.

“Voting in the last election definitely has an effect on voting in this election if some of the main reasons they voted for the candidate were not fulfilled,” Orban said. “In the end, most people cast their votes based on the news plans the candidates are planning to put in place.”

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