Andy Schor elected 68th District state representative

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By Samantha Watson
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Andy Schor democratic state representative candidate for the 68th district monitored results at the UAW652 hall in Lansing Tuesday evening.

According to the Ingham County website’s election results Andy Schor was at 76.18% and his opponent republican Timothy Moede at 23.26%

Andy shared his plans for Ingham County and the 68th district if elected.

Schor said that his focus is to create places here in Michigan where students that went to school in Michigan want to be in Michigan after college. “I want to provide the resources to be able to work hard and play hard,” said Schor on creating “Great parks and arts” in Michigan.

One of the biggest hardships Schor said he had throughout his campaign was time. “ I have two children and wanted to be at tee ball games and gymnastic practice, but I also was out canvasing and knocking on doors seven hours a day.”
Joan Bauer was elected 68th district state representative in 2006 and reelected in 2008 and 2010. Now that Bauer has completed three terms she endorses democrat Andy Schor. “He will make a wonderful state representative,” said Bauer about candidate Andy Schor UAW 652 in Lansing.

“We have a very democratically leading county,” said Joan Bauer on Ingham County.

Joan said she has genuinely enjoyed her time as state rep. It was never planned to run for state representative, but it is a natural interest for her. Bauer said that she is planning on running for a senate seat in two years.

Local Democratic candidates and supporter monitoring the election results at UAW 652 hall 426 Clare Street in Lansing.

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