3 Different Students. 3 Different Views.

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By Karilynn Burks

EAST LANSING, Mich.- Maties Brimmer celebrated his 18th birthday last night with his family. When I asked, he said he didn’t go out because it was a Monday night—clearly this kid is still in high school. What this East Lansing High School student did do, however, was wake up bright and early this morning to make it to the polls at 7:45am before the first hour bell rung.

Brimmer revealed that he has been interested in politics since he was very young due to his opinionative nature. A professor at Michigan State, Karl Gude, remembers Brimmer speaking about Nixon when he was only 11-years-old! It goes without being said, Maties Brimmer has been waiting for this Election Day for a very, very long time.  

Without hesitation, Brimmer let me know that he voted for President Barack Obama. All I had to ask was the simple question of “Why?” and he began to flood me with answers.

“I voted for Obama because of my social views.” The issues of abortion and gay rights are very important to Brimmer. He believes that sexual orientation isn’t a good enough reason to restrict someone’s rights.

Brimmer also had a few things to say about Governor Mitt Romney.

“Romney basically let it slip from his mouth that he doesn’t give a shit about half of the population. The Republican Party is basically a bunch of white guys talking about other white guys. That’s all they really care about in the end.”

Christopher Szpunar is a former Rochester Adams High School colleague of mine. He was a freshman at a community college in California, but after he found out his roommate was a drug trafficker (WTF), he elected to return back to the Mitten. After reading my twitter homepage one afternoon, I discovered that he is a die-hard Romney fan. I decided to call him up and ask him a couple of questions about his political views.

“I wasn’t really into politics until my junior year when I had Mr. Clevenger for A.P. government.”

I asked him what led him to vote for Governor Mitt instead of President Obama.

 “I mean, I think Obama did everything he could. Everything was a mess before he came into office. But I think Romney is the best choice for our country because he is a business man, and overall America is a business. I think that he knows what to do to bring our country out of this financial crisis.”

You have heard the opinion of a Democrat and of a Republican, so what other opinion is there left to hear? The opinion of the girl who has no opinion at all. 19-year-young Lindsay Hall-Burdick is a sophomore at Michigan State University. I asked her this morning when she was going to vote, and she ever so apathetically responded, “I’m not.”

“The main reason I’m not voting is because I don’t feel like I’m educated enough about the candidates to voice my opinion. And frankly, from what I do know about Obama and Romney, I don’t like either of them.”

In addition to not wanting to make an ignorant decision, Lindsay simply does not care who the president is.

“Whoever the president has ever been, my life has never been directly affected. Maybe I’ll care as I get older, but for now I don’t see the point.”

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