October, the most mischevious month

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By Alex Barhorst
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Late October is notorious for mischief. House owners are constantly bombarded with the same verbally binding contract. They are given a choice: trick, or treat?

Most homeowners take the easy way out on Halloween and provide a treat.

Less fortunate residents may not even be given an option.

With costumes to hide identities and young people out in full force in the streets, Halloween season is the perfect time for pranking.

However, an increase in crime this time of year is not an issue in East Lansing, according Police Captain Jeff Murphy.

He said the East Lansing community is “unaffected” by Devil’s Night, the date before Halloween that is notorious for high crime rates.

He added that Halloween this year did not produce as many complaints from the community as it normally does.

“Halloween for us was quite slow compared to other Halloweens,” the captain said.

Murphy said the East Lansing Police Department increases the number of employees on duty during the weekends surrounding Halloween.

He attributed the “slow” night this Halloween to timing.

“Halloween was on a Wednesday this year,” Murphy said. “We might have had more activity if it fell on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.”

He added the cold and wet weather kept East Lansing residents indoors as well.

East Lansing resident Rob Privette said he experienced “only the positive side of things” on this past Halloween.

Privette and his family moved to East Lansing from Ortonville, Mich., about a year ago. He said East Lansing seems to be a safe community.

The only crime he has experienced was that a flag was stolen from his property about 10 months ago.

Privette did not support the idea of a Devil’s Day. He said Halloween season is no excuse to commit crimes.

“It’s not good-spirited,” said Privette. “It’s just malicious property damage.”

The East Lansing resident added that he approved of the job the East Lansing Police Department does.

He mentioned that East Lansing officers do a good job of reducing drunk driving and enforcing the speed limit.

“East Lansing (police officers) aggressively pursues crime,” Privette said. “From a resident’s standpoint, it makes me feel safer.”

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