2012 Election Voter Turnout

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East Lansing– Although the turnout for first time voters was high, some students think there could have been more participants.

Many students on campus agree that some people who were able to vote for the first time in this election did not because they did not take the time to get informed about the candidates and thought it was not a big deal if they did not vote.

Michigan State University student Sanjana Mehta said she had full intentions to vote this year and stayed up to date with the election, but was registered at home and was unable to make it back to vote on election day.

“Not enough people voted this year and I wish they did,” Mehta said. “I think a lot of people are lazy about getting informed and really don’t care much about politics.”

Michigan State University student Julia Ruggirello agreed that some people do not always take the time to get fully informed about the election.

“I think some of the reasons why people didn’t vote is because they don’t think that their one vote will count,” Ruggirello said. “One of my friends didn’t vote because she didn’t know much about the candidates, but I think it is smarter not to vote if you don’t know what is going on.”

Student Tara DiDonato also said she knows many people who did not vote in this years election and said every vote counts towards determining who is going to win

“Everyones excuse is time and inconvenience, they don’t feel that their one vote matters and they don’t follow the election close enough,” DiDonato said.

It’s easy to become informed, people just need to take the time. Watch the news, read more articles and ask questions and know what is going on in the world.



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