Economy, women’s issues high as people exit polls

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During an exit poll at Wilson Hall in precinct 15, students stated that the economy, the rights of women, energy, values, and education were the issues that drove them to vote.

The state of the economy has a major influence on the lives of U.S. citizens. One student said the decisions made will impact her as they have impacted her parents. She also said  the economy is a major factor on whether or not her father will be able to keep his job in the automobile industry.

An anonymous student said a major reason why she voted for President Barack Obama was the Equal Pay Act, which supports equal pay for equal work across genders, access to contraceptives and reproductive rights.

An African American student that ethnicity had no effect in her decision to vote for Barack Obama. She agreed on his policies regarding education and his plan to fix the economy.

Another student stated they voted for Romney because of his values and their belief that the issues that Romney addressed were more important to him.

Students are concerned with the effects the election will have on education and whether or not they will be able to afford college.

A male student at Michigan State, implied  the movement on campus to register students to vote showed how important this election would be for students and their education.









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