Young voters sign up in East Lansing

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By Liam Quinn
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

EAST LANSING, MI — With the 2012 presidential election less than 30 days away, the Michigan Secretary of State is mobilizing to get students registered to vote.

The ExpressSOS Voter Registration Drive rolled into East Lansing on Sept. 21, setting up shop at Michigan State University, hoping to sign up first time voters.

David Dobbs, ExpressSOS team member, said that the drive would see the Secretary of State’s mobile registration strategy covered more than 3,000 miles, and visited 15 public universities and colleges.

The move is a continuation of Michigan’s effort to get young voters registered, working with other promotional efforts and a policy that sees each person who visits an office for an ID or driver’s license being asked if they want to register.

The Michigan State University stop seemed to be successful, with a host of students taking the time to register.

In several instances, the presence of the Secretary of State drove students to sign up.

“Between classes and study, it’s tough to find the time to register. Having it on campus made it so easy.” Lyman Briggs student Timothy DeRosia.

DeRosia said that he was motivated to vote because he wanted the chance to have his voice heard, and so that he could help shape his own future.

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