Sheep provide benefits to Delhi Township

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By Macaulie Fritz
Holt Journal staff writer

One thing that most people wouldn’t know about Delhi Township is that the citizens of the township raise their own sheep. These sheep provide many benefits to the small township of 26,000.

One of the smaller benefits is that the sheep are cute and fun to look at for the children. Delhi offers an opportunity at the beginning of the summer for families to go and see the sheep.
Another advantage of the sheep is that they eat the leaves of the brush that is dropped off at Delhi’s Water Treatment Plant. Residents clear the brush from their yards and drop it off at times offered by the Lion’s Club. Last year the Lions offered more times to drop off brush.

One of the most interesting rewards of having the sheep is that they create wool. The sheep are sheared in the spring and then the wool is sent to Frankenmuth, Mich., to be made into yarn. This year the township is selling many things made out of the sheep’s wool.

Yarn – $15 skein
Fingerless Gloves – $13
Fingerless Gloves with cap – $15
Beanie hat – $12
Peruvian hat – $15
Crew socks – $13
Thick Hunter socks – $24

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