Police chief hired for 2 more years

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Williamston’s City Hall, where council members decided on the police chief’s contract

By Cortney Erndt
Williamston Post staff writer

WILLIAMSTON – Police Chief Bob Young will serve two more years as chief, Williamston City Council decided Sept. 10.

Young said he is happy to continue his contract.

“Williamston is a wonderful town…I very much look forward to moving forward as your police chief,” said Young at the council meeting.

Council members showered Young with compliments on his performance as police chief.

“He’s gained enormous respect,” said Councilmember Sandy Whelton.

Although Williamston is quaint and small, Young has covered two years worth of crime scenes in the area that even council members can confirm.

Whelton reminded the community of a dangerous event while her children were attending St. Mary’s Elementary School.

“There was an incident where a gentleman had a knife on a playground and (Police Chief Bob Young) was there first,” said Whelton.

Community members can also attest to Young’s drive to keep Williamston safe.

Crossing Guard Teri Nelson said: “My husband was very ill one time. The ambulance came and the police chief personally made sure he got to the hospital safely. We are blessed to have the greatest there is. His first priority is this town and the people.”

Children and parents thank Young daily when he helps local elementary schools as a crossing guard. Young steps outside of his police chief roles to ensure students get to school safely.

“He is out with us daily when I’m crossing kids,” Nelson said, “If there’s people involved, he’s there. That’s his priority.”

“However, some taxpayers objected to the contract provision that gives Young an unmarked, fully-equipped car. Young drives his unmarked car to work and back, but also uses the car to cover crime scenes at night.

“In the middle of the night, he needs to be able to go directly to the scene and have that car fully equipped. He might be in a meeting and there’s no time for him to go to the station,” Nelson said.

For the Williamston police chief, there is never a day off. In many cases, Young has been awakened to  work at night.

“He’s working more than 40 hours a week, any day of the week,” Councilmember Scott Vanallsburg said.

“The police chief is never really off duty,” Mayor James DeForest added.

Although tax dollars are a concern, council members decided Young’s unmarked car is necessary to keep Williamston safe.

Councilmember Ben Stiffler said, “He’s a superman without a cape.”

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