MSU students share thoughts on voter registration

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By Anjana Schroeder
MI First Election

College campuses arguably have the largest amount of first time voters.

After speaking to several Michigan State students, including Roneesha Jackson, Nate Kesto and Tommy McCoy, the temperature of the presidential elections became a bit more clear.

Some students were unsure about whether or not they were going to even register to vote. Nate Kesto said he wanted to learn more about the candidates before he even made the decision to register to vote.

Breonnya Wright said she didn’t want to vote and wasn’t interested in the presidential election, while Jacob Riesser said he would prefer not to share who he was voting for but was confident he would register and vote in his home town.

Loretta Perkins is a freshman at MSU and she said she wishes she could vote this year. Perkins isn’t old enough to vote but said she knows who she would vote for – Barack Obama.

Students’ opinions and level of interest varied on MSU’s campus. There is a short five weeks until elections.

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