Herman Cain comes to East Lansing for College Truth Tour

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By Heather Hoffmeyer
Holt Journal staff writer

EAST LANSING – Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain came to East Lansing on Wednesday, Sept. 26 to speak to college students for his College Truth Tour.

Once guests were seated, MSU Students for Life President, Lisa Jankowski welcomed Cain to the stage. Cain began his speech by discussing his past. He focused on how he believed the economy was damaged, and his way to improve it.

“My dream stated another way, is to create more informed people, so we can outvote the stupid people.” — Herman Cain

Many agreed with what Cain said about the economy. Among those was freshman Taylor Welch.

“I liked his three points: stay inspired, stay educated, stay connected,” the business major said.

According to Cain, his main focus in his College Truth Tour was educating students about the nation, so they could be better informed. Sophomore marketing student Maggie Mai agreed with Cain’s method.

“Talking about college students is very smart because they are the future,” Mai said. “I appreciate him telling us the truth.”

Although many agreed with what the former candidate had to say, there were also some students who did not favor what Cain had to say. Sophomore Corinne Alberts has a lot to say when asked about Herman Cain.

“You would be hard pressed to find something that Herman Cain and I do agree on. First off, on social issues we are completely opposed,” Alberts said. “On fiscal policy we also disagree. He has called Social Security a “scam” and wanted to lower the corporate tax rate. His 9-9-9 plan was just absurd.”

Alberts said she attended the tour simply to hear what Cain would have to say. When asked if she would tell a friend to attend the tour, the Lowell, Mich., native did not hesitate.

“No. He was a mildly successful presidential candidate and relatively successful businessman. That is the limit of his allure,” Alberts said.

The evening ended with some questions from people in the audience. The questions were nonstop, and eventually Cain had to cut them short. The night ended with a quote that was repeated multiple times throughout Cain’s speech.

Cain said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Broadcast Journalist Josh Sidorowicz produced this video story on the event:

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