Fundraisers keep band members on the move

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By Dylan Sowle
Williamston Post staff writer

The Williamston Bands hosted a bottle drive Oct. 6 that will help students earn money to put toward band camp and class trips.

Students and parents gathered outside D&W Fresh Market to collect bottles and cans for the band’s yearly fundraiser. An estimated 40 people were working to collect recyclables from 10 a.m- 2 p.m.

One of the students helping out, sophomore Kaitlynn Bauer, explained how working at the bottle drive can benefit kids in band.

“The longer you work, the more hours you get, and that money goes toward your individual account, which helps pay for camp and trips,” said Bauer.

The fundraiser is run on an individual basis, with proceeds going toward the accounts of the students that help out at the event. The money earned depends on the number of hours worked and how many family members they get to help out, as well.

High school band director Lynn Kelsey says that in the past, some students have been able to pay for the entire cost of band camp by participating.

“We want them to be able to get the funds that they need to be able to go to camp,” said Kelsey.

Students and parents who participate split duties between outdoor bottle collection, running them through the recycling machines inside, and going door-to-door for donations. Parents are given a map of the neighborhood and drive students around, who ask for bottles or donations.

Danna Sturm, fundraiser coordinator, said that after helping her daughter in previous years, she saw how important the event is for kids in band. While this event helps students on an individual basis, she also mentioned fundraisers that benefit the entire group.

“The next big one is the scrap metal drive in November,” Sturm said. “We’re trying to raise $7,000 toward new uniforms for the band, which we really need.”

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