College students look forward to voting in first election

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By David Topham
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

EAST LANSING — Most students at Michigan State University will be old enough to vote in a presidential election for the first time this year. On Tuesday Nov. 6, the public will determine who will be the next president.

As Election Day draws near many students are gathering information to make an informed decision. The votes that these first-time voters will cast will help elect either Barack Obama, the nation’s current president, or Mitt Romney, the Republican Party’s nominee.

“I like the fact that my vote will have an impact,” said MSU junior Charlie Kokenakes. At 20 years of age, Kokenakes explained that he was excited to be able to vote. “I’ve never actually even voted before so I’m not likely to forget this election.”

For this election cycle, many students have become highly interested in issues that involve them. Education and unemployment policies appear at the forefront for many first time voters.

Higher education, which has never been too much of a hot topic in previous presidential elections, figures to be a prominent issue in this year’s election. The public has become aware of topics of concern such as student loan debt, rising costs and declining state funding.

“I think that the candidates policies on education will play a large factor for many first time voters,” MSU sophomore Brad Joynt stated. “Students like me want to know where they stand on this issue because it’s such an important part of our lives.”

However, some of those who are eligible to vote for the first time in a presidential election want nothing to do with the chaos that surrounds an election cycle.

“I don’t think I will be voting in this year’s election,” said MSU junior Matt Eicher. “I have never been interested politics and believe voters should be educated on the issues first before making an informed decision.”

Eicher stated that he doesn’t feel his opinion is educated enough to be able to feel confident with his vote.

Either way, a president will be put into office following Election Day on Nov. 6, and many who are eligible to vote for the first time are excited to make an impact.

Michigan residents are able to register to vote in the presidential election up until Oct. 9, 2012.

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