Sex education implementation, Lansing School District

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By Erica Zazo
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

LANSING – Residents of Lansing gathered Monday, Sept. 17, for a public hearing regarding the non-existent sex education curriculum within the Lansing School District.

The Lansing School District is entering its third year without a sex education program. Although not required by Michigan law, parents, teachers and students are in favor of a sex education curriculum.

Patricia Bednarz, LSD nurse and co-chair of the Sex Education Advisory Board, is happy that a committee formed to implement a sex education curriculum.

“It wasn’t that there was a spark [for a sex education curriculum], I think that it was just knowing that teachers wanted it, parents wanted it and students wanted it,” Bednarz said.

Moving Forward

The Sex Education Advisory Committee that is comprised of parents, health teachers, administrators, two high school students and many more representatives, is required to set up two public hearings to discuss the curriculum before deliberating with the Lansing School Board.


Lansing School District parents watch a sample sex education video at the public hearing for the implementation of a sex education curriculum within the Lansing schools on Monday, Sept. 17.
(photo by Erica Zazo)

Bethany Simmons, parent of four LSD students and LSD Sex Education Advancement Committee parent member, said she hopes the district can implement a curriculum as soon as possible.

“The fact that it has been out of the district for the three years that it has been will lead to consequences,” Simmons said.

Full Community Interest

Also in attendance at the public hearing were students from Michigan State University.

MSU James Madison senior, Emily Snoek, attended the hearing to learn more about the curriculum specifics.

“I went to the hearing to investigate the district’s ideas for sex education lessons as it pertains to homosexuality and to find out if they will be implementing lessons on this issue in its new curriculum,” Snoek said.

Jon Paton, who has a 6th grader in the LSD, attended to push the need for a new sex education curriculum.

“Children need to have proper guidance,” Paton said. “My school didn’t have this, and I think it is necessary for students to learn this information.”

The second sex education public hearing will be held on Monday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. in the Summerplace Townhomes School cafeteria.

“I feel confident that the school district will implement a proper curriculum,” Paton said. “I hope my boy pays attention.”


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