Jefferson Street construction nears completion

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By Julia Nagy
Grand Ledge Gazette Staff Writer

GRAND LEDGE- Orange cones continue to decorate East Jefferson St. as road construction, which started in May, nears its end.

The M-100 construction project is slated for completion on Oct. 20, according to a public letter from Mayor Kalmin D. Smith posted on the city of Grand Ledge website.

The road construction has done little to affect some businesses.

MacDowell’s Flower Shop rests on the corner of South Bridge St. and East Jefferson St., where road construction is taking place. Julia Nagy/Grand Ledge Gazette

Manager Bruce MacDowell said the construction has not decreased his business’ flow of customers. He manages MacDowell’s Flower Shop, 228 South Bridge St., which is located on the corner of the construction work on East Jefferson St.

“Despite the minor inconveniences, everything has been pretty normal,” MacDowell said.

The major challenge of the roadway project has been how to deal with the traffic, according to Smith.

The construction has been a nuisance for some visitors in the Grand Ledge area.

Residential Arts and Humanities sophomore Zoe Johnson, who visits Grand Ledge regularly, said the recent construction has made traveling there more difficult.

A new traffic light will be installed at the intersection of South Bridge St. and East Jefferson St., as indicated by the blue icon. Julia Nagy/Grand Ledge Gazette

“I don’t go up there very often because it’s a thirty minute drive for me, but with the construction, it tacks on more travel time,” Johnson said. “I get construction has to be done, but it’s all at once and it’s a hassle.”

East Jefferson St. is a main street into the city, acting as a roadway from the highway. Normally, 15,000 cars and trucks traverse the street each day, according to Smith.

“The initial problems and confusion with the detour route seem to have been resolved and the detour appears to be working quite well as motorist become accustomed to the change,” Smith said in his public letter.

The 15,000 cars which normally pass through the area have been forced to use adjoining residential streets as detours.

The city will continue to take steps to try and minimize the traffic, such as repaving the downtown area during the night, according to Smith.

As construction finishes, certain areas of roadway have been reopened. The section of M-100 between Franklin and Taylor streets was opened Aug. 31, after the replacement of water mains and repaving was completed.

The construction of a storm sewer in the 100 block of E. Jefferson St. is almost finished.

The roadway project will repave the surface between Taylor St. and the M-100 bridge, as well as the area between Franklin St. and the M-100 bridge.

The northeast and southwest corners of the S. Bridge and Jefferson streets intersection were excavated for the construction of a new traffic signal. The four corners of the intersection are being reworked to comply with current Americans With Disabilities Act requirements, according to Smith.

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