DeWitt local runs for Treasurer

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By Tiara Marocco
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Writer

DEWITT, MI – The weather is not the only change slowly approaching in Michigan.

With the local elections coming up, candidates are trying to prove why they should be considered.  In Clinton County, “the treasurer is responsible for all receipts, disbursements, and investments of County funds.”

Republican Tina Ward is the Clinton County treasurer and is running for this position again.  The responsibilities of the Treasurer include “processing property tax settlements with the 27 local units, collect delinquent property taxes from individuals, performs tax adjustments as instructed by the Michigan Tax Tribunal, the State Tax Commission and local Boards of Review, performs tax searches and histories and issues all dog licenses.”

Democrat Annette Wright is running against the current treasurer.  Wright attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1990, where she got her Masters of Business Administration.  She is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Wright’s plans

“My plan for the office is twofold,” said Wright.  “First and foremost, I want to help residents find resources which will allow them to pay their property taxes allowing them to stay in their homes.”

“Second, for those properties that are forfeited, I want to initiate a Land Bank,” Wright continued. “This will allow the County to buy back properties that were lost to the State, resell them and put them back on the tax rolls.”

Wright has been a resident of DeWitt and has experience in tax and governmental accounting.  She has served as a Board Member and Treasurer for DeWitt Community Fund and served as a Treasurer for the Clinton County Democratic Party.

“I plan to work closely with City/Township offices to help land-owners avoid delinquent taxes and forfeiture, by instituting a proactive approach matching land-owners with viable lenders and/or grant opportunities,” said Wright.

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