'A Trashy Situation'

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Temporary garbage cans line the main streets of Old Town.              
Photography by Kara Albrecht

 LANSING – One may notice the new green eye sores that temporarily line the streets of Old Town. The neighborhood of Old Town has been experiencing a trash issue, brought to the attention of the Old Town Commercial Association by its staff members.

Old Town hosts many festivals and events throughout the year that produce a lot of waste. The only trash cans installed were ones funded by the OTCA. Since the organization is non-profit and has a small budget, the number of trash bins was minimal, due to the bins costing $400 apiece.

“The main problem is that, if a trash bin is overflowing because you don’t have enough bins or it is not being picked up, it’s going to fly,” said OTCA Executive Director, Louise Gradwohl. “The wind is going to carry it so it’s just dirtying Old Town; it makes it look really poor.”

The OTCA finally received a $7,000 grant from Downtown Lansing Inc., to provide additional trash service on a regular basis and additional permanent trash bins to be placed around the heart of Old Town. This will keep things more sanitary. The extra money from the grant was used for a contract with Lake State Management to pick up the trash once a week.

Consistent trash pick-up will soon be underway for Old Town.
Photography by Kara Albrecht

“The OTCA just had to put in a request for the project and it was approved,” said Mindy Biladeau, Downtown Landing Inc. Executive Director. “It’s a pretty easy process and it’s great that they now have a consistent trash pick-up.”

However, citizens and business owners of Old Town were unaware of this trash issue, meaning the OTCA did a good job of keeping it known from the neighborhood. Mica business employee, Mike Skory, states, “I’m oblivious to it. I don’t know anything about it.”

Old Town Community Member Scott Blair-Betts agrees. “It’s quite nice; it’s a nice little community. Go a couple blocks though, and you’ll see it’s a bit different.”

The new trash bins will be installed the week of September 24th and placed on Turner Street and Grand River, between Washington and Center Street.

Check out ‘A Trashy Situation’ Slideshow  for a quick glimpse of Old Town’s garbage issue.

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