A Close-Knit Community

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By Justin Anderson

Old Town Lansing Times Staff Writer


LANSING – Past robberies at Spin Bicycle Shop in Old Town, Lansing have brought small business owners in the neighborhood closer together.

Owner of Spin Bicycle Chad Cottom, said that about two years ago, his Shop in Old Town was broken into, and a loss of an undisclosed amount of merchandise was stolen.

“We were broken into successfully once,” Cottom said, “A second attempt was made but they didn’t get in.”

Spin Bicycle has been in business for about five years, and is currently in its third year in its new location, Cottom said.

Cottom, whose wife owns Art and Soul Photography next door, said the robberies have helped bring the owners of the local shops closer together.

“A while ago, someone broke a window on my wife’s shop next door, and a cook from Sir’s pizza saw and chased him down the bike trail,” Cottom said. “It is important to know the owners of the stores around yours.”

Since the robbery of Spin and with the continued growth in the popularity of Old Town, Cottom said it has become more important to look out for the shops in town, which has also brought owners and employees closer together.

The Old Town neighborhood has about 150 businesses and almost every one of them are small businesses, Executive Director of the Old Town Commercial Association Louise Gradwohl said.

“We have an email that allows me to send the owners news and other information like road closings,” Gradwohl said.

The email system allows the independent business owners to communicate with each other as well, and with so many small businesses in such a small area, it is a very important tool, Gradwohl said.

“I think it has really helps the owners,” Gradwohl said about the email system.

Owner of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn Chad Jordan , said that it is important for business owners in a small co

mmunity like Old Town to communicate with each other.

“We’re all on Facebook, and we keep each other informed,” Jordan said.  “Some of us even play cards together, and we’re good buddies.”

“Lansing is a cool little town, it’s a good place to hang out with friends,” Cravings manager Matt Stric

kling said.

Strickling, who did not know anything about the robberies at Spin, said

that it’s important for the owners to get to know each other because it’s better for business.


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