Woman Finds Heart of City by the Soles of Her Feet

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There are over 400 miles of streets in Lansing, and Ariniko O’Meara is determined to walk everyone. Born and raised in Lansing, O’Meara started the city saunter project after realizing there was a lot she didn’t know about Lansing.

” Lansing needs a little shot in the arm sometimes,” she aid.  “I think there are a lot of great things in Lansing. I thought by trying to find them in this way, I could find everything good or bad.”

Equipped with her camera, O’Meara documents her walks through photographs, which she puts up on her blog. She also marks off every walk on a map. As for choosing when and where to walk  O’Meara has a very open system.

“I try to go place where events are but sometimes it is just when a friend ask if I want to walk with them somewhere,” she said.
Although O’Meara started the project with goal of walking every street, she’s realizing  the project is much more.

“My goal has really become to promote Lansing through this project. Wether that’s promoting small business or bringing attention to the little things that make Lansing… Lansing. ”

O’ Meara is over halfway done and every mile has been worth it.

“When I’m finished I will be one of the only people who has traveled every street in Lansing,” she said. “To me that’s kinda priceless.”


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