Unseasonable warmth helps Mason ice cream shops

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By Kelsey Abell
Mason Times staff writer

MASON — This month’s record heat wave has boosted business at local ice cream shops.

Super Twist, Dairy Hill and The Daily Scoop have benefited from this heat. The owners agree that this weather has increased sales.

“This warm weather has somewhat taken us by surprise,” Shawn Sodman, owner of The Daily Scoop said. “Our sales are about where they were in June of last year.”

Jon Droscha, co-owner of Dairy Hill with his father, Rubin, said there is a huge difference in sales from last week to this week.

“People just feel like getting out and getting ice cream in this weather,” Droscha said. “It’s great for us!”

In the ice cream business, people say that a warm April is a bonus month, Sodman said. He added that now they have March as a bonus month, too.

“It’s giving us a good head start for the year with sales.” Sodman said.

Even with the warm temperatures, the ice cream shops still do things to bring the customers in.

Marsha Hebden, owner of Super Twist, said the shop holds fundraisers to boost their sales. She said they also use Facebook and Twitter to keep customers informed.

“When people ask me, I usually do something to help them out,” Hebden said. “It’s really great to help out.”

Both Sodman and Droscha said that their stores did not plan anything specifically for this warm spell, but both are using social media to reach customers.

Hebden, Droscha and Sodman all stated that the warm weather is a good thing for their businesses.//Kill this sentence. You wrote it to set up your kicker and it is just too long and is now repeating information. It is a good kicker, Just go to it.//

Hebden added, “When the weather gets warm, it’s just a good time for ice cream!”

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