Twitter is the New Black

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To all the Twitter haters out there I advise you to not knock it before you try it. I was originally completely opposed to Twitter, mainly because I didn’t understand it. I thought it was stupid and automatically wrote it off as a lesser version of Facebook knockoff. Then one day my friend insisted that I sign up, so I did. I figured it couldn’t do much harm. It was confusing at first, and I just thought of it as a bunch of Facebook statuses. Then I started following” people, and it became wildly addicting. Soon enough I was tweeting everyday! I was following about 100 people, all celebrities and friends from school. I noticed that my timeline was lacking intellectual depth, and news worthiness. That’s when I started following CNN, Sports Center, ABC, and other types of media outlets. That was also the moment I realized that Twitter was not just a fad, it was a way to communicate with mass amounts of people instantaneously with 140 characters or less.

Twitter is an absolutely wonderful tool for communicating with the masses. With the use of hash tags, you can communicate and read about what other people are saying about that very same subject. It’s like a giant chat room filled with ideas from people all over the world. It allows you to not only see what people are doing, but you can get a feel for who they are through the tweets that they post. It’s also a great way to get breaking news updates. Now I wouldn’t recommend ditching the evening news report, but Twitter definitely serves a crucial purpose in reporting news worthy events. For example, I found out almost instantaneously when Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi were killed. The fact that both of these events happened around the world and that I was able to find out in a matter of minutes is simply amazing. I remember specifically texting my mom and telling her that Bin Laden had been killed and that I heard it via twitter and she was astounded. From that day forward I got my mother hooked on the Twitter line.

Twitter can also be used to promote your interests. It allows you to post links to outside pages, and even photos and videos. It’s a wonderful tool if you have a website or article that you want all our followers to see. For this class in particular it can be great for promoting our county blogs because you can target specific audiences. Another great quality about Twitter is that you can receive feedback from followers by simply replying to their tweet. It makes getting the opinions of other people extremely easy and fast! You can also do what is called a “re-tweet” which is basically when you tweet something that a fellow follower said that you liked, but still giving them credit for their thoughts. I personally love it when people re-tweet my tweets.

So if you still aren’t sold on Twitter, I advise you to just try it out. It’s the one social media obsession that I fully condone. What you come across may surprise you!

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