The Reconstruction of Lansing School District

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The Lansing school board has passed a district reconfiguration plan on last Thursday.

The reconstruction avoids closure of a high school and brings about some new changes to the district.

For more than 10 years the Lansing school district has been working on a reconstruction plan. Now, things have finally come to an end.

Tim Puss, a teacher at Sexton High School said for the school board to take this decision that seriously, and to be able to work through difficulties and come to a consensus, it is pretty remarkable.

Instead of losing one high school, the board decided to shift 7th and 8th grades into the district’s three high schools. This will lead to the closure of four elementary schools.

As a teacher at one of these elementary schools and a mother of three children, Kitty Lynch thinks the district has finally made things work this time. Kitty said the leadership that they have this time they will be able to take the most positive of what they have and put it into a plan.

To create a middle school environment within a high school is a bold change for the district. While true impact of these changes is unknown until the time comes, some wonderings and worries are still on going.

Tim said the biggest worry is the safety and security of the students. And Charles Ford, one of the board members said more steps must be taken to reach a better educational environment, while teachers, students and families will be influenced in the near future.

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