Spring fever likely to hit Old Town

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Spring fever has taken hold of the downtown area as Lansing’s Old Town blossoms under the newfound summer heat.

Ever since the warm spell with potentially record-breaking high temperatures hit mid-Michigan, sidewalks throughout the city and surrounding areas were packed with students and residents coming out of their homes to get a glimpse of springtime after the long and dreary winter.

These people are looking for something to do — a place to spend their newfound freedom in their shorts and t-shirts.

This is the perfect opportunity for a business-oriented community such as Old Town to rein in customers and cash in on people ready and willing to spend the money they’ve saved up during the long winter months.

Businesses are beginning and should continue to offer more opportunities for these customers, such as sales and discounts for the average window shopper as well as the art enthusiasts looking for something a bit more specific.  More advertising also would benefit local galleries and shops to get people into the doors.

Other warm weather activities available for those interested in doing something fun in Old Town Lansing, such as the monthly gallery walks, periodic festivals and various community activities.

With the onset of warm weather, Old Town likely will come alive with activity and see more traffic as people head outside and rediscover ways to spend time about town.

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