Ron Paul Speech

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Approaching the auditorium this past Monday, I couldn’t contain my excitement, as this was my first experience seeing a presidential candidate speak.

I was in awe when I walked in, seeing Ron Paul signs everywhere, as well as people doing, “the wave,” as if we were at a sporting event.

The first man to take stage introduced himself as, “the introducer to the introducer,” which created a rumble of laughter throughout the audience.

Ethan Davis, a student and chairman for MSU’s “Youth for Paul,” formally introduced Paul.

Paul promised to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget in his first year if elected president, which caused a standing ovation from the crowd of supporters.

I couldn’t believe the immediate response of cheers and applause when Paul said, “The war on drugs, I think, is more dangerous than the drugs themselves,” before warning his audience that, “All drugs are dangerous, including prescription drugs.”

The packed auditorium, which holds 4,000, cheered as Paul talked of the government’s war on drugs and how it is wasteful and intrusive on personal liberties.

Paul spoke for less than an hour and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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