QB Club prepares for next season

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By Ben Fleck
Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

Comets football season is quickly approaching and the Quarterback Club is doing their best to prepare for the season.

Jason Cornell is the President of the Grand Ledge Football Board, or Grand Ledge QB Club, and said the main role of the club is to provide off the field support for the football program.

“Our primary function is fundraising,” said Cornell. “We meet monthly throughout the year to plan our initiatives for the upcoming season.”

Vice President Kelly Johnson said the main fundraisers during the season are concessions, 50/50 raffle and parking fees.

Cornell said the club must make money in the offseason and in order to do that they must hold multiple different offseason fundraisers.

“Over the course of the summer we hold four main initiatives to raise money for the team,” said Cornell.

According the Johnson and Cornell, the first fundraiser is a Gridiron Raffle with top prize being $1,5000 in travel vouchers. The second fundraiser is Gold Cards, which are sold by players, cost $20 and provides discounts to many local businesses. The third fundraiser is an August 18 golf outing.

Cornell said another form of fundraising is the local businesses buy advertising space at the stadium, website and in the game day program.

Cornell said the club is entirely voluntary and parents of the players are not required to volunteer. Cornell said the even though it is voluntary the club strongly encourages parents to volunteer.

Cornell said that with all the initiatives that the club has it takes a lot people to make it work.

“We have a wonderful group of parents that step up and help,” said Cornell. “We also have full support of the Grand Ledge community.”

One of the many parents that step up is Varsity Representative Sherry Kreiser Crouch. Crouch is a mom that wanted to help the board make the season run smoothly, so she volunteered.

“My main role is to communicate parent ideas with the board,” said Crouch.

Raising money before the season is a great thing, but according to Cornell the board tries to put on things for the team during the season.

Johnson said one of the major things the board does is put on team dinners before every game.

Cornell said this is often a lot of work, but that the players look forward to it and that they also really enjoy the dinners.

“We usually have 3-4 families work together to host a dinner for the football team,” said Cornell. “It works out great and everybody has a lot of fun.”

Raising money for team and providing the team with pre-game meals are all great things, but Cornell thinks the biggest thing they do is help Coach Matt Bird.

Cornell said to help make the season smooth, the QB Club tries to take some of the pressure off the coaches and let them focus on the team and winning games.

“The board, community and parents worry about getting volunteers ready, making sure the concession is ready to and do whatever else is needed,” said Cornell. “This takes some of the responsibility off the coaches shoulders.”

Cornell said that the season runs smooth every year and this would not be the case without the help of the parents and the community.

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