Old Town should tap into college appeal

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Old Town Lansing often is one of those places that goes by the wayside of college students during their time at MSU because it is not within walking distance of campus. Most of my friends have never heard of it or are only vaguely aware it exists. If I hadn’t been from around here intially before coming to Michigan State, I probably wouldn’t have heard of it either.

That’s a shame, because Old Town is a place that many young, creative 20-somethings would find themselves loving. The community, atmosphere and unique shops and storefronts offer a lot for any age group, but the younger crowd probably would get a lot of enjoyment from perusing the shelves of various galleries or getting a bite to eat at a local café.

If there were more advertising or awareness about the amenities available just a short car ride away, I’m sure more students would feel inclined to visit somewhere other than Grand River Avenue. Bussing to that area is available via the Capital Area Transportation Authority or the Entertainment Express available on weekends. Specials and deals are available each month in most of the shops, perfect for a college budget.

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