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Old Town Lansing, the city that never ceases to come up with ideas to improve their community, has introduced a new project that coincides with their fourth annual Scrapfest and Festival of the Moon and the Sun.

The new endeavor, named Scrappy Bike Rack Project, offers the community a chance to get involved, building bike racks for the city of Lansing, along with promoting public art, scrap metal recycling and bicycling.

“The original brainchild of Scrapfest came from David Such, who owns Such Video here in Old Town,” Friedland Industries, Inc. employee, Mike Bass said.

Friedland Industries, Inc is the original recycler located in Lansing’s Old Town.

Friedland separates, cleans, shears, shreds, sorts and bales commodities such as steel, copper, aluminum and all types of paper, which are sent to various mills to be re-melted or re-pulped and made into something new, according to their Web site.

“This will be the fourth annual Scrapfest,” Bass said. “But this is the first Scrappy Bike Rack Project.”

During Scrapfest, artists are permitted one hour to collect up to 500 pounds of scrap metal from Friedland’s scrap yard to use in creating their scrap metal artwork.

“With the bike rack competition, I think it will be a little different,” Bass said. “The teams won’t have to solely use the metal found in the scrap yard because there are certain guidelines they must follow in order for the city to sign off on the racks.”

The idea for Scrappy Bike Rack Project in Lansing’s Old Town was based on the need for bike racks around the city of Lansing.

“We’ve sent out surveys to our community and a major concern was the short supply of places to park and lock bikes,” Julie Powers of Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council said.

The scarcity of bike racks prompted the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council and the OTCA to begin the process of collaborating Scrapfest, Scrappy Bike Rack Project and the Festival of the Moon and Sun.

“The bike racks will be showcased at the Festival of the Moon and the Sun, alongside the artwork created by the artists competing in Scrapfest,” Powers said. “And the cool thing about scrappy bike’s is that it’s easy to get involved.”

The process of applying to participate in the Scrappy Bike Rack Project is quite simple, as the main requirements are to send in an application showing the design of your safe, durable bike rack along with the names of your team members.

Children are also able to get participate in the Scrappy Bike Rack Project, as long as they have at least two adults on their team.

“I think it’s great to get children involved,” Powers said. “It sends a great message and helps them feel connected with their community.


















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