New brewing company opening in June

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By Kelsey Abell
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – In June, BAD Brewing Company will be opening up to the public bringing a chill and relaxing atmosphere to the downtown area.

Owners Brian Rasdale and Bryan Smith say it’s all about the atmosphere at their new micro-brewery opening on 440 S. Jefferson.

“We just want to open a nice place you can come into, relax and have some really good hand-crafted beer,” Smith said.

Rasdale added that it’s going to be a low-key place where people can come listen to good music and hang out with friends.

“It’s not going to be some crazy, loud place where you can’t hear anything,” Rasdale said.

Rasdale has been brewing beer in his basement for five or six years. He started brewing as a hobby but it quickly grew into something more.

“Everyone wants to own their own bar!” Rasdale said. “And it was something I was thinking about doing for awhile.”

Rasdale said he will make small batches of beer at first. This will let them experiment and try new beers. However, customers can expect about five house beers to stay constant.

A unique aspect of the brewery is that customers will be able to bring in their own food.
“We are food friendly,” Rasdale said. “You can go down the street, grab a sandwich from another local store, and then come down here and enjoy a couple of beers with it.”

The brewery will also offer small packaged foods from mid-Michigan. Rasdale mentioned that they are trying to buy as locally as possible to support the surrounding areas.

“We’re all about supporting local businesses,” Rasdale added. “We can help them out and they can help us out.”

Smith and Rasdale know that opening a new business in this economy can be tricky. However, they are very optimistic about where their brewery will go.

“There are a lot of things we want to do, but money-wise, we’re keeping it very simple at first,” Smith said.

He added that they are doing keeping the overhead costs as low as possible and that they are in good shape financially.

For more information about when they will open and updates, you can visit their website at

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