MSU’s Physical Plant Energy Open House

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With the passing of Michigan State University’s new Energy Transition Plan by the MSU board of trustees, the Physical Plant held its first ever Energy Open House, to demonstrate to the public how the Physical Plants helps MSU reach its energy initiatives on campus.

The event included sessions that demonstrated the tools Physical Plant technicians use to measure different parts of campus buildings, discussed special transportation methods that can reduce energy use and discussed energy conscious lighting techniques.

Bob Nowicki, Assistant Facilities Manager for South Complex, says he enjoyed the event, “I think this event was very helpful for me, individually, the only thing for me is it was a little too short.”

Other events included discussions and techniques people can use to be more energy conscious and save money.

Energy and Environmental Engineer, Lynda Boomer, says that is what the Energy Transition Plan will do for Michigan State University.

” Pricing just keeps going up for our fuel, and so that impacts tuition. We’re on the right track now to really keep our costs down, use our resources responsibly.”

The main goal for the plan is to transition Michigan State’s campus to 100 percent renewable energy sources.

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