Migration season brings bird watching program

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By Camryn Ginsberg
Meridian Times staff writer

OKEMOS — Birds began migrating north with the arrival of springtime weather. The Harris Nature Center, off Van Atta Road, held an event Sunday, March 26 for bird watchers.

Discover Bird Watching was a two-hour program techniques to spotting birds, like what to look for and listen for.

“I really enjoyed learning about the different calls. I find it so interesting,” said Kate Julian, a Michigan State University graduate student.

This program was designed to teach bird watching methods that apply to all levels of expertise.

“I teach them quick and easy tips to make their bird watching more successful,” said Kati Adams, program instructor. “When they see a flash in the woods or a bird call, I want them to know how to spot the bird with their binoculars.”

Adams suggested different books explain the variety of bird calls, physical traits and mannerisms.

After growing up in the Upper Peninsula and always being outdoors, Adams has become an avid bird watcher.

“Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies out there,” said Adams. “We usually get a good turnout.”

People from all experience levels attended.

“I’ve been bird watching for two years now. It helps me understand where we are and it’s fun seeing some birds I see back in Minnesota,” said Julian.

Madison Hall, of Okemos, traced his interest to a visit to Florida.

“I was introduced to sanctuaries in Sanibel Island and to be honest, I was a little bored,” said Hall. “I was told that I would learn to love it and look at me now.”

For information about upcoming bird watching programs, contact the Harris Nature Center at harriscenter@sbcglobal.net or call at 349-3866.

Harris Nature Center
3998 Van Atta Road
Meridian Township, MI


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