Mid-Michigan resident, student journalist excited to report on Old Town

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As a longtime resident of Mid-Michigan (I hail from Holt) I’ve had the chance to experience Old Town in all its glory. I’ve been to festivals such as Oktoberfest, the Jazz Fest, the Blues Fest, the Festival of the Sun and Moon, and have also taken walks throughout the area to shop and have a good time.

Something that’s always pleasantly surprised me about Old Town is the strong sense of community felt there. Business owners pour their hearts and souls into their business, and are readily available to show off their gallery or have a chat about anything at all. Volunteers at festivals and events care about old Town and will sing its praises to anyone who asks.

It’s not hard to put a finger on what makes this community unique and different from its counterparts in the greater Lansing area. It’s the creativity that draws people, the artsy and unique vibe the community exuberates. Anyone can feel accepted here, from the quirky to the artistic to those who don’t really fit into a social norm.

So working with as part of my Journalism 300 class to write and blog about Old Town is an exciting experience for me. The community has its own character and is worthy of media attention – I look forward to authoring stories about it.

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