Mega Millions

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MSU freshman Sean  Milavez is just one of many lottery hopefuls who has his eyes on the mega millions prize as it went up to $540 million. Sean said this is his first time buying a ticket.

One dollar can win at least $540 million dollars. The largest ever lottery jackpot is drawing attention across the country. “At least 30 plus people per day in last couple days”, said Vanessa Warrington, the cashier of J&H family store at Harrison Road.

Although the odds to win the entire jackpot are 175million- to-1, people are willing to risk a couple of dollars for the chance to win 540 million dollars.

“It is such a big amount. Even if it is a few pix, it is still a chance”, said Cory Hurst, a MSU senior.

For Jim Murphy who just  went for a vocation at Florida, bought two one dollar tickets right after he came back. When talking about how he would spend the money if he won, “back on vocation, probably Hawaii”, said Jim.

Cory said he would travel a lot. And Sean said although he is not sure what he would do with the money, the jackpot could help him realize his dream – “boats, cars, houses, everything”, said Sean.

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