Lansing School District, Reconfiguration Plan

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In efforts to save the district money and improve education, Lansing School District is under a new reconfiguration plan that will result in two North Lansing elementary schools to close.

Projected to save the district $2.5 million per year, Interim Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul’s plan to help the district will result in the closing of Bingham Elementary and Otto Middle School.

Bingham Elementary principal, Lori Abbott-Smith, confirmed that the school would close this fall.

“We’re one of the schools closing for sure—along with Otto—North side schools will definitely be a little sparse,” Abbott-Smith said.

Abbott-Smith said she is sure that maintenance costs alone for Bingham Elementary will save the district a lot of money.

“Bingham is an older building, and in terms of structure it just isn’t efficient,” Abbott-Smith said, “I mean, we have a second floor and don’t have an elevator.”




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