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In an area like Old Town that is packed with both boutiques and Art Galleries a business has to have a unique factor to draw in customers. That can be found at Katalyst Gallery, which combines both Art Gallery and Boutique aspects to their business.

My first impression of Katalyst was intrigue. When I walked it I immediately felt like I was in a big city art gallery but at the same time there was the comfort of a small town store. One of the main attractions to Katalyst for me was the interior. Its spaced out much like a gallery featuring items that seem space age yet so familiar. The bright inside lets your view everything and the there isn’t that fear one wrong turn will knock over the whole store like in many small stores. At Katalyst they combine art and kitschy product while keeping them separate.

“It is meant to be the driving force behind art in design in the greater Lansing area. It is located in Lansing’s Old Town,” states its website.

As it says on the website Katalyst is more than just an art gallery or just a boutique, it’s a wonderful mix of gifts and art to please more than just the shopping type.

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