It's Almost That Time…

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The warm weather and spring-like atmosphere have residents of Old Town buzzing with excitement for festival season.

The office of Old Town is busy preparing for Old Town’s festivals, which many residents say is the best part about living there.

Festival Director for the Festival of Moon and Sun, Kelsey Maccombs, said that the OTCA, Old Town Commercial Association, office has a projected budget for most of this year’s events.

“We at Old Town Commercial Association put on our festivals through year long sponsorships,” Maccombs said.

Maccombs said that last year’s festival budget was just under $63,000, which went to things like souvenir glasses, rented tents and port-a-potty’s.

Since I will living in East Lansing this summer I am extremely excited to check out the Festival of the Moon and Sun as it seems to be the residents’ favorite.


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