Horrocks Farm Market caters to Lansing community

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Horrocks Farm Market owner Jerald Horrocks sits by his in store electric fireplace. Jerald Horrocks has been market owner since 1959. Photo by Holly Johnson

Family-owned Horrocks Farm Market combines a time-honored work ethic with customer service to please the Lansing community. Horrocks, located at 7420 W. Saginaw Highway, specializes in selling produce, meat, dairy, beer and wine.

“The customer is king,” said manager Tim Copeland, referring to Horrocks’s slogan. “It’s all about the people.”

Upon walking into the store, one notices dozens of smiling faces and employees eager to help, said Copeland.

“There are experts running around in every department,” said Copeland. “The customer gets firsthand help with buying anything from wine to flowers.”

Originating as a produce stand in the Lansing City Market, Horrocks Farm Market has been owned and operated by the Horrocks family since 1959.

“Over time the store just keeps growing,” said owner Jerald Horrocks. “We went from a fruit stand on the corner of Saginaw to a fully scaled market in a matter of years.”

Aside from the market, Horrocks also has a garden center, delivery service, and wind-powered turbine. According to Jerald Horrocks, the wind turbine supplies 10 percent of the market’s energy need.

Horrocks’s continual support for family or privately owned business distinguishes them from other stores, said Jerald Horrocks.

“We’ve connected with other families with markets or farms,” said Jerald Horrocks. “Most of our dairy comes from a family in Wisconsin. Produce like our apples, asparagus and blueberries come from Michigan farms and orchards.”

Copeland said Horrocks strives to keep their business local because ‘”they’re always interested in buying the best.” The two are usually paired together, he said.

One of the most popular sections of Horrocks is its beer and wine department, said manager Frank Spagnuolo. The shelves are stocked with hundreds of options, including beer from Michigan microbreweries such as Bell’s Brewing Company, Founders Brewing Company and North Peak Brewing Company.

“They have absolutely everything here,” said customer Biancia Watson. “I get to try so many different things and the staff is wonderful.”

Copeland credits Horrocks’s positive customer response to its “shoulder-to-shoulder work ethic.”

“If one of us [employees] has a plan or scheme, there is no hesitation to start it,” said Copeland. “Whenever a customer wants something we don’t have, we do not hesitate to order it for them.”

The Horrocks’s family dynamic includes everyone, from employees and distributors to customers, said Spagnuolo. Spagnuolo associates “good-valued ownership” with its ability to remain in business for over half a century.

“If Jerald Horrocks fires me today, I’d be coming back into work tomorrow,” said Spagnuolo. “That’s how this place works. We’re all just a bunch of happy people.”

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