Grand Ledge Comets First Track Meet

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Ben Fleck

Staff Writer

Since I’ve been writing about track and field lately I figured I would continue the trend with this blog and write about the team’s first official track meet.

The Comets will officially open their season on April 17 at their home track. The meet will be a double dual. This mean the Comets will be running against two other teams. The meet will involve Grand Ledge, Lansing Eastern and Holt and will begin at 4 p.m.

Because this meet is a double dual, Grand Ledge Comets record could be one and one after the meet is finished. The scoring in a double can be confusing to people that don’t know the sport of track and field.

Let’s say there are 3 runners from Grand Ledge, 2 from Holt and 3 from Lansing Eastern in any given race. At the end of the race, all 3 runners from Grand Ledge beat the 3 runners from Lansing Eastern. This means they swept the race against Eastern, but they didn’t necessarily score the same amount of points against Holt.

If the 2 Holt runners take first and second against the 3 Grand Ledge runners then Grand Ledge only gets points for the third place against Holt.

This means they would be beating Eastern, but losing to Holt.

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