Grace Boutique

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One of the perks of a small area like Old Town is that when you purchase something there you know there is no way someone else is going to have it.  The unique factor is one of the many positive qualities of shopping at Grace Boutique.

Grace is located by other boutiques like October Moon, and Love, Betti is just across the street but Grace has an original flair that sets it apart. For one it is the only place that sells apparel.  Grace has a variety of stylish cocktail dresses, and plethora classy casual outfits. The prices may be a little higher than what you are used to but few can put a price on looking great in quality clothing.

The website explains why owner, Summer Schriner, started Grace. “Heard way too many women despair about having to drive all the way to Detroit to shop for a nice cocktail dress or stylish handbag. Feeling the same way, I decided to do something about it and open a shop myself.”

Grace has this wonderful vibe that makes you feel like you are shopping at a high-end designer shop but is as comfortable as any hometown store. The boutique combines elegance and class and sells a variety of gorgeous clothes.

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