Ethan Yerks’ Graduation Goal

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Ethan Yerks’ seems like your typical Michigan State University senior. He has a full class schedule and works as the Program Director for the IMPACT 89 FM radio station. You might never know that Ethan suffers from a learning disability, until you looked at his handwriting.

” I have a reading disability called dysgraphia,” Ethan Yerks.

Dysgraphia is most commonly diagnosed by handwriting because it impairs a person’s ability to connect their brain’s processing of words with their hand muscles.

“It goes into my head just fine, and then it’s an outputting issue and processing issue.”

Ethan’s dysgraphia has made school a daily challenge. However, after six long years of college, Ethan is ready to cross the graduation stage, receive his diploma and hoist a WWE replica belt.

The idea sparked as a joke amongst friends, but then developed into an actual goal. Ethan is raising money for the belt and any additional funds will go to his friend Jill, who will be helping underprivileged youth in Detroit this summer.

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