East Lansing hosts earth friendly events in light of Earth Day

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By Jessica McGregor
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

EAST LANSING—Throughout April, East Lansing hosted a variety of events culminating in an Earth Day celebration at Fenner Nature Center.

In the past, managers held a career exploration day to increase awareness of fields in natural resource management and biology for students, but the event has expanded to an earth- friendly experience for all community members, said Katie Woodhams, program manager at Fenner Nature Center.

Members of the East Lansing community contributed to the success of the picnic at Fenner.

Master Gardener volunteers worked on extending and reshaping the butterfly garden at Fenner to include wheelchair access and provide local citizens with a better garden.

Some of the Organizations and establishments involved at the event were PNC Bank, Michigan Energy Options, Michigan State University Fisheries and Wildlife Club, The Department of Natural Resources and Preuss Pets.

PNC provided the mobile learning adventure, which brings childrens activities to community events.

The learning adventure gives young children with a place to play and dress up in costume to get them thinking about careers. PNC also provided parents with gift bags containing teaching guides to help parents keep their children involved outside of school.

“The Fenner organization is absolutely fantastic. We work closely with Jason, the executive director here for Fenner, and Katie, their program director so we were really excited to be here and have our mobile learning adventure come out,” said Jennifer Morris of PNC bank.

During the picnic, the Community Relations Coalition had a neighborhood cleanup, sending about 100 students and community members around East Lansing.

The coalition worked with Michigan State’s University Student Commission and MSU Greek life to beautify neighborhoods and pick up trash that had settled under the leaves and snow during the winter, said Olivia Seifert from the coalition.

“The Community Relations Coalition organizes neighborhood cleanups throughout the year. This one is obviously special because it’s the Earth Day celebration and really focusing on cleaning up your neighborhood and making sure that you’re being good stewards of your environment,” said George Lahanas, East Lansing city manager.

Aside from the Fenner Nature Center picnic and the neighborhood cleanup, East Lansing hosted Recycle Rama and tree planting events around the city throughout April.

These earth-friendly events continued through Arbor Day, Friday, April 27 and can be expected to take place next April as well.

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