Discovery Days Come to Clinton County

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Discovery days are here in Clinton County Fairgrounds in St. John’s Michigan. Discovery days is designed to allow youth to explore new project areas, learn new skills in a hands-on approach. The program is also beneficial for kids to meet new people.

All youth between the ages of 5 and 12 are allowed to attend and invited to participate. Some of the different sessions are more age specific. The program will take place on the Clinton County Fairgrounds. Kids wishing to attend must have an adult present when being dropped off and picked up. Each of the different session times includes workshops that are like field trips. The transportation to these different sessions will be provided; Kids are allowed to choose two field trips. The cost of this is only $25.00 for each participant. Along with the $25.00 kids will receive a T-shirt, snacks, lunches, and basic supplies.  All parents need to do to register is fill out a simple registration form that can be found in the County building.  There is maximum of 150 participants so it is advised to sign up as soon as possible.

The entire group of participants will get involved with some kind of community service activities while at the event. More details about this will be given after registration.

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