Clinton County Climbs the Health Ladder

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By: Natalie Sejnost

Clinton County has recently been ranked the third healthiest county in Michigan. These ranking are based on a summary of composite scores calculated from the individual measures. The team then calculates and ranks eight different summary composites. They are overall health outcomes, mortality, morbidity, overall health factors, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment.

To determine this ranking, they also take into account things like adult smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, excessive drinking, motor vehicle crash rate, sexually trasmited infections, and teen birth rate. Social and economic factors are also taken into account. Examples of this include high school graduation, some college, unemployment, children in poverty, inadequate social support, children in single parent homes, and violent crimes. Physical environemnt factors are also taken into account like air pollution-ozone days, limited access to healthy foods, and fast food restaurants.

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