Williamston Community Schools’ School Choice accepts new students

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WILLIAMSTON — School-of-choice applications were reviewed for the spring at Williamston Community Schools.

The 15-day application window closed on Jan. 17.

Janet Eidt, executive assistant to Superintendent Narda Murphy, said that the school district accepted 37 school-of-choice students.

However, only four of those students are brand new to the school district, Eidt said.

She said that the rest of the accepted students were already enrolled in the district since the beginning of the school year under non-resident status.  Edit said that these students missed the November deadline for school-of-choice applications and were enrolled as non-resident students so they could still attend Williamston schools.

Eidt said that the school district chooses its school of choice students based off Michigan’s laws.

According to Michigan’s Department of Education website, the State School Aid Act requires the school-of-choice program to accept all applicants if the number does not exceed the available spots in the district.  However, the school district can deny a student if he or she has several suspensions or has been expelled.

Williamston High School Principal Jeff Thoenes said that there are 122 school-of-choice students in the school district, which encompasses Williamston city and township and some surrounding rural areas.

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