The Cigar Connoisseur is no “drag”

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Lansing citizens do not have to go far to find a premium hand rolled cigar, as you can find these types of cigars at The Cigar Connoisseur.

The Cigar Connoisseur, located at 121 S. Washington Sq., not only offers hand rolled cigars, but is extremely popular among its customers for their cigarette collection and lottery tickets.

Cristy Raines, manager of the store, said she started managing the store in August of last year, and started working there the year before.

“They came to me and offered the job,” Raines said. “I had another job but then this opportunity arose.”

Raines said they offer many different types of different cigars.

“We have our hand rolled cigar that we hand roll here and many other types of cigars like Romeo y Julieta, Onyx, Don Diego, and many others,” Raines said. “We order the cigars from suppliers but the hand rolled ones we do here.”

Raines said the business is doing very good at this time.

The Cigar Connoisseur is located on 121 S. Washington Sq and located in downtown Lansing.

“It was slower after Christmas,” Raines said. “It was the cold weather and we usually get state workers. And cause of the holiday, nobody comes in. But now, especially now with the warm weather and everything, business is doing good.”

The store is owned by Cathy Stull, who is also a lawyer in the Lansing area. According to a brochure on the store’s website, she co- founded the store with David Anderson.

The Cigar Connoisseur brings in many other customers for the lottery tickets and cigarettes.

Lansing resident Joey Twomey said he has came into the store over 50 times to buy cigarettes.

“It’s convenient because it’s downtown and it’s right on my walk home, Twomey said. “You can get a hand rolled cigar here too. Although I’ve never smoked a cigar before.”

Lansing resident Isis Crockett said she has came into the store three times for the past 14 years.

“I get cigarettes and lottery ticket,” Crockett said. “It’s very convenient. I don’t like walking to the party store down here.”

The store offers many different types of cigars, and also sells cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Crockett said there’s too much “activities” down by the party store.

“People are always asking for money,” Crockett said. “They see you coming out with a pack of cigarettes, they’ll ask for one.  This is a really good neighborhood.”

Raines said there are a couple other cigar shops in the area.

“We have another cigar store down the street here and another in East Lansing,” Raines said. “They don’t offer the selection we have here.”

Raines said the name of the store is about somebody who knows what they want or are the connoisseur of that product.

“We like to have a bunch of different cigars so when you come in here, you got such a good selection,” Raines said. “You can make yourself a cigar connoisseur.”

Raines said it would be nice to get wine in here but it’s hard because it’s so dead down here besides the bar at night time.

“If we got business after five, we’d stay open,” Raines said. “Most people are in here because their taking walks from their job.”

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