The Library of Michigan

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The Library of Michigan opened in 1989 as a state-run library and historical center. It is located in the same capitol loop building as the Michigan Historical Center. This beautiful library is five stories high and the second largest state library in the United States.

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Like most state-funded buildings, the library has seen significant cuts in the budget within the last seven years. As the library steers in new directions for funding, they look to the community for support.

You can help the Library of Michigan to flourish by participating in the Library of Michigan Foundation, a non-profit charity that raises funds to support special programs, services and collections of the library.

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According to the assistant director of the Library of Michigan, Don Torado, one can also participate in a program called Notable Books. The library chooses the 20 books of the year that were published by a Michigan author or written about Michigan in some way. This is a very popular program supported by corporate sponsors. The event includes a keynote speaker, catered food, and a book signing.

“We have all the authors come here for those 20 books and celebrate their work and people pay to come to that event to meet the authors,” said Torado.

The event will be in late April but will be advertised in the Noise newspaper this month. The Detroit News also featured this event in January on the front page of the arts and culture section by announcing the 20 winning authors.

“We do a radio show every month out of Grand Rapids,” said Torado. “They talk about the Library of Michigan and the different programs we have.  The Notable Books will be talked about.”

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