Tanning gone bad

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By Kevin Burrows
Lansing Township News staff writer

LANSING TOWNSHIP- Mara Hosner has been tanning for over four years and recently started to go more often in preparation for spring break.

Always trying to get more for her money, Hosner tans at Barber J Cuts, 329 S Washington Sq. Lansing Township, MI. She looks forward to getting tan before she hits the beaches on her vacation.

Hosner as well as many other students utilize the tanning beds so they won’t burn as bad when they travel to warmer climate and take advantage of the sun.

Tori Steffy, owner of Barber J Cuts, said a lot of law students from Coolie Law School give her the most business.

“We have a ton of customers that come tanning at the end of February and beginning of March,” said Steffy. “Our business raises about 40 percent.”

After spring break our business get a little slower, but not by much because everyone still wants to keep his or her tan, said Steffy.

“On a personal belief, I think tanning is a personal choice weather you think its good or bad for you,” said Steffy. “A lot of people use it for seasonal depression.”

Sales representative of TanzMania Tanning, Bethany Potter, said spring break is the bread and butter of the season, and very busy.

“We are located relatively close to campus and very close to apartment complexes,” said Potter. “We have about 400 students come in a day before spring break.”

Potter said during school she notices that there is better business, and business defiantly increases about a month before spring break.

Hosner says she knows “fake and bake” is bad for you, but it’s the only way she stays happy in the winter.

“I don’t want to be pasty white for my vacation and burn really bad the first day, and not be able to enjoy the rest of my vacation,” Hosner says.

Tanning packages are generally the same price at both tanning salons.

A one-month, level one package its $33, one-month level two package its $43, and for a semester package, its $129.

An increase in tanning has become a major health concern among young adults, according to these two tanning salons.

Although the tanning salons still promote tanning they know how bad it can be.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, tanning in UV beds increases your chance of skin cancer by 75 percent.

To date, more then 30 states restrict access to indoor tanning equipment either through banning their use by minors or requiring parental consent, according to the AAD.

“I don’t like the fact of tanning or ultra violent exposure at all,” said Michigan State University Olin Health Center nurse, Leseligh Farhat.

“The hygiene is something that also really bothers me about indoor tanning beds, its not sanitary,” said Farhat.

Ways to prevent yourself from skin cancer is to always check your birthday suit on your birthday.

If you notice anything changing, growing, or bleeding on your skin, see a dermatologist.

Skin cancer is very treatable when caught early, according to the AAD.


-Kevin Burrows

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