Springtime weather brings new topic to children's story time

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By Camryn Ginsberg
Meridian Times staff writer

OKEMOS — Chipmunk Story Time, a program for preschool and elementary children at the Harris Nature Center, changed its curriculum to reflect the change of season.

With springtime, different animals and weather come along. Kati Adams, the program director of Chipmunk Story Time, decided to focus the lesson on March 15 according to the weather change.

“We want the kids to learn about the importance of water. It’s starting to get warm outside where they’ll be exposed to water a lot, like when they start swimming,” said Adams.

Intern Erika Doroghazi, a Michigan State University senior studying environmental science, lead the program by reading aloud stories and providing an activity.

“I pick stories out that reflect what’s going on with the weather, then come up with a quick craft, and end it with a nature walk if it’s nice outside. It all ties together,” said Doroghazi.

On Thursday, Doroghazi took the children on a walk through the nature trail, paying attention to the ponds, the animals that live in them, and clouds.

“I want them to start understanding the basics of clouds and water. I try not to go too in-depth because they’re young,” said Doroghazi.

Parents or guardians are with the children during the program.

“This is the first time I took my kid to Chipmunk Story Time,” said Carolyn Damstra, an East Lansing resident. “It’s great because his father is a botany professor at Michigan State, so he loves everything nature.”

The program is offered the third Thursday of every month from 10 to 11 a.m. for $3 a session. The next session is April 19.

“I will definitely sign him up again for the next class. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the changing seasons and have fun at the same time,” said Damstra.

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  1. I enjoy this alternative story-form. A lot of this site is very straight forward. Good journalistic piece but also a nice way to mix it up. Keep up the good work!