(SCENE) Metrospace presents Sunday Soup

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Slide show by Mackenzie Mohr
Article by Nick VanderWall
Entirely East Lansing staff writers

Scene Metrospace held its first ever Sunday Soup March 18 from noon to 2 p.m.
Sunday Soup is an event where creative people can come together and vote on the idea that they like the best. It was held at Scene Metrospace, 110 Charles St.

The entry fee was $5, which got you in and a bowl of soup. On Sunday there was around 20 people with three presenters.

Tim Lane, Director and curator of Scene Metrospace said, “Part of Seen Metrospace’s mission is to attempt to engage and enhance the lives of creative people in the community. We decided to try a Sunday Soup because we thought it would be a good way to bring artists and people interested in the arts together,” he said.

The event will help fund artists with creative projects, and they hope to have the event once a month, he said.

Terri Catano won and is going to make quilts for the homeless with the $135 that she received. She gave a short speech about homeless people and how quilts would keep them warm, and show how many homeless people there were in the Lansing area.

Kimberly Lavon, a fine art and graphic design artist, got up and spoke about her idea, which was about mobile printing equipment, so that she could offer mobile classes, demonstrations, and more events around the city.

She said she had hoped that everyone would like her idea and award her the money to be able to give more classes at her studio, and bigger demos for the public, she said.

2 thoughts on “(SCENE) Metrospace presents Sunday Soup

  1. I enjoyed reading your story. I had no idea about Scene Metrospace until I read this story. The event that they held seemed very interesting and the slideshow that was included really complimented the story and added more depth.

  2. I LOVED the slide show. The photos were very telling and unique. It really enhanced the story nicely and made you feel like you were apart of it. Nice work.