Old Town's Got It

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By Kellie Rowe

From the decorated street lamps to the colorful window displays, Old Town gives a sense of warmth. I have never passed by a resident of Old Town without receiving a smile and a nod.

After attending the Old Town Poetry Series event “Poetry Plus,” I became even more overwhelmed by the welcoming community. Last week, I wrote a story on Bob Rentschler, an 85-year-old poetry expert. Before I had even asked any of the members of the audience or members of the Old Town Poetry Series how they felt about Bob, Old Town residents in the Creole Gallery that evening when I was watching Bob’s performance, noticed I was interested in writing about it.

Before I had to ask, many approached me during intermission or after the show to ask how I was doing on my story. I remember one woman following me outside, while another performer was getting ready to read their poetry. She stopped me and asked, “Did you get everything you need?”

She seemed genuinely concerned that had gotten the information I needed. And I was surprised she had cared enough to notice I was taking diligent notes and that kind of consideration blew me away.

Not only did members of the Old Town community care about Bob, but it seemed as if they cared about me too. It’s the welcoming nature and the hospitality of a town that makes it original, that makes it unique, and Old Town’s got it.

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